When I think of self development, I always think of travel. Travelling is something that is a teacher by default. There is little to deny about the developments we see in anyone who goes to a different country and comes back. You get to see a fresh new perspective about everything in a person  when they return from a travel adventure or work opportunity.


It is not always that young people get to travel anywhere across the world because this is when we are developing our careers but what if we do exactly that by travelling? Yes, you can do that by interning. Interning abroad is one of the best things to happen to a person. While I was looking into where to intern I came across the work culture in The Netherlands and here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider interning in the country.


Great Standard of Living

According to the OECD Better Life Index, life in general in the Netherlands is ranked quite highly with amazing quality of water and air, disposable income, employment and education. There is a strong sense of community that will give you an instant connect to locals. In studies conducted across surveys, people travelling to the Netherlands have reported positive experiences in all time.


Peak to Exploration

If you’re a travel freak or are just looking to go to a place to explore their culture, this country is just right for you. The Netherlands boasts of beautiful architecture, historic buildings, the serene canals and waterways, the graciously dwindling windmills alongside mouthwatering food, mindblowing art and atmosphere. The list is endless.


Best place to learn business

Dutch business etiquette is all about getting things done. You will always find people that are straightforward with short business meetings and negotiations. More focus is given to the work that you’re doing than to what you say. The open and respectful Dutch business etiquette allows for the utmost efficiency. You are always expected to speak out your agreements and disagreements and a great learning space is given for both personal and professional development.


World’s best commute to work

The main form of transportation in the Netherlands is cycling. In Amsterdam alone, 800,000 bikes are used throughout the city. There are so many benefits of cycling as it not only allows you to avoid more traffic and save money, you also get in shape and become a part of promoting a sustainable environment. No getting deafened by traffic and choked by exhaust fumes. Sounds like heaven to me!


Koffie en Koek

As working students if there is one thing we all overdose on, it’s Coffee! Guess what, the Netherlands is home to the best coffee ever. You will always hear people say that they have never had a bad cup of coffee in the Netherlands. There is also a standard apple cake served in most Dutch cafes which is second to none. There’s your work stress sorted.


Go take your chance and discover the other side of interning abroad now!

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