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Youth Employability
By AIESEC France / November 13, 2017

Jobs fill your pocket, experiences fill your soul

I had a good salary, but no excitement, I had a good diploma, but no exciting experiences, I had myself...

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My Leadership Story
By AIESEC France / November 11, 2017

“I had the possibility to work in a different environment and I developed my professional skills” – Laetitia Mazarin

Experiencing the cross-cultural dimensions are hundreds of people who set out their journey from France only to rediscover themselves and...

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Work & Discover with AIESEC
By AIESEC France / October 27, 2017

5 reasons why interning in the Netherlands is beyond awesome

When I think of self development, I always think of travel. Travelling is something that is a teacher by default....

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Youth Employability
By AIESEC France / October 20, 2017

Global employment: a personal perspective.

To have something to do, something to fill your time with, its important. What you do defines the quality of...

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Youth Employability
By AIESEC France / October 10, 2017

Not a fortunate time to get a great job.

There are  71 million unemployed young people all around the world. One reason behind this can be the lack of...

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